f8fb1f8fb1e9501ad4c67b2e1aad984d9dda1 – ``PhotoDNA''

@ae836df8d1e647c3bace1b9864498791 fulmar 2021-08-16 09:03:12
>This hash is computed such that it is resistant to alterations in the image, including resizing and minor color alterations.
А будет ли оно работать если изображение, например, повернули на несколько градусов?
@d98c58b6086b4ab4a5e9e4a5c81654c5 fulmar 2021-08-16 17:56:28
>Perceptual hashes are designed to survive cropping, rotation, scaling, and embedding but all of those things mean that false-positives become a concern.
>Such attacks can include rotation, skew, contrast adjustment and different compression/formats.
Понятненько, значит rotation не спасёт. Но какой FRP - непонятно.